When I woke in morning I thought about writing something in the blog. And I thinking many subjects but I comprehend there is no crucial incident that happen in my life. So I make attempt to write about the my  religious views.I born Christian but I when I brought up in orthodox religious family. But I becomes young I have religious suspicions in my mind. So I become atheist people saying about God but no one had correct about him. Religious is  like story about blind that saw the elephant each of them describe about elephant in different concept about God . But I didn’t believe in religion. My religion is humanity.  Then someone asking me questions like why you become atheist. About 95% of people believed in God. When I asked question People who believed God give any scientific evidence to god existence. The Christians show Genesis as the evidence but   fact is that it has not Scientifics base. Like this every religious different opinion about origin of the world. I am not against them there believes will saved them. But my question is why people need the label of religion. If men who not  believe in religious the society doesn’t  accept him. Church believing the communist are the against the religion and they show the Marx word religion is opium I did not know why they showing this sentence because Marx only meant  that opium is mostly used in the drug and it will addict the people He explain that some times religion like this make addiction in my minds of believers this made the situation of the undevelopment in the people. Some people told me why you are become because you believe in the Marxism but my answer  is no  it is my personal  interest view  no one influence me to become atheist. 

      If men had the humanity and he or she good mind to  realized the others sorrow and he had mind of  showing  the helping hand towards poor he become the god that is my religion. Religion based on the humility like the thoughts like Buddhism and Jainism they did not believe in concept of the God also believed our destiny is in our hand no one desire about destiny it depend on our work and attitude. I never attract any religion. But I think beyond religion’s view people whatever religion he must believe in the welfare of the other there is no need serve others. So didn’t believe the any religion think if people any religion may become humanitarian in every has the essence of good but some they misinterpret the religious benefits and protect their own interests.

         Man is social animal they had ability of reasoning they will know about good and bad essence of religion took good essence of the religion in my belief serving others is ultimate religion .I followed the words of Lord Buddha LOKA SAMATHA SUKINUU BAVATHU .Someone  told me men who lived without religion  cant win in the life but in front of me we have many genius persons who become success in the life .Believe or disbelieved the god is ones wishes i can’t  infer that free. Some are believe in god when they lost everything I called him ford believers. Some people become the believer in the last period may I also people like too. More the belief I believed in the experience and knowledge make the men good knowledge will acquire through traveling and the interaction with  “World is full of sorrow the reason of the sorrow is desire”. live without desire and served people without any desire and believe in the your ability so there is no need for the religion and the God.this my view about the religion. So I become the Atheist.

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Call for the other revolution

Fire of revolution spread from the Tunisia and Egypt and the some part of the African countries. My thinking point is that what the reason of the revolution is. This because of widespread angry about rulers policies that implicate in those country. In the Tunisia the ruler and Egyptian also liberations and privation policies made the great problem in their economy. People were not happy about those policies and they believed these policies make high rate of inflation and unemployment in the country. This make the unrest youth in country. The case of the India is not different from the 1990’s the government execute the policies of liberalization. But now UPA11 polices make worries about the economy now the inflation is growing as the rocket and food price and other price make people life miserable. The poverty and unemployment become high but government playing Tom and Jerry. Some proposal made National Advisory Board headed by the UPA chairperson but planning head by the monkat Singh does not give the green flag. And government is not implement the minimum wage polices and minimum salary for the MGNEGA they said this make the increase the inflation rate. What happen for the government some times people asked it government for rich. And policies that made by the government not benefited by poor. Oil price and food inflation make the people make the miserable. We have the lot example in front of like countries Indonesia and Poland etc.in the India privatization policy in 1990’s   follow by government that come after the congress. The gape between rich and poor the wider this time. In the days of the scams what people really wants is the good and courage policies those how looted the money from the public treasure. But government take action them as very slow because they rich.acorrding to Gandhi village become the swaraj when the power come to the grassroots level. This the root cause of the formation of the Maoist and separate groups in north east part of the India and case of the jammu-kashmire is not different after the independent there is no policies made in the J&K .we think that will government give more impasse with co-operate.the most the policies were protect the interest co-operates and US.in the meeting with the co-operate promises that safeguard the interests of them. The common people want the will get food in less price another wise they will agitate against the government. Government give will allowed subsidies and strengthen the PDS system in india instead of government doing cutting down the subsidies and allow the subsides to the co-coprate sector.and government trying spending the unnesscary things lke the caste cenisus and United idenifacation card for protect the interst of political and co-operate interests.

                                     How people lived in the miserable condition. the poor and middle class people suffer the lot policies of the government they will agitate the against government and the big the makes big the spread ealier in the North America and Balkan countries the Europe. If the people arouse government do nothing against because of India is democratic state not the empire of congress learn from the history and political condation around the world.if not listen this our great democracy broke down soon.we want the encourages policies and policies beloynd political desires otherwise it wil made the treat the eeven our decomarttic heritage for the country.

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the frist post

      I like to write something    blog is very difficult because of inspiration  from my friends. I went to this adventure of writing but did not have been successful in the endeavour.I sincerely  thanking for who encourage me. and  forgive some mistake that I made in some words and grammer.expected

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Hello world!

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